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Fraud can take place in any developing sector, therefore the occurrence of a financial fraud can’t be ruled out completely. Any malicious activity involving monetary transactions is considered as a financial fraud and is punishable in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, most finance-related crimes are committed by professionals with knowledge and skills in this sector. Mostly, fraud takes time before its final execution since the criminals involved in the crime require a closer relationship with the victim, whether specific individuals or large cooperates. To avoid such devastating occurrences, financial audits are often carried out to determine the financial position of the firms. You can request for an internal or external audit carried out on your assets for reassurance purposes.


Investment can be understood in different ways. One common understanding is that purchasing an item but not consuming it immediately with the aim of creating future wealth is what is referred to as an investment. Example of investments includes purchase of stock, real estate or bonds. Other forms of investments include deciding to further your education hoping for a better income once your skills and knowledge are improved. Some parents consider children as investments and would ensure they receive a quality education with hopes of future benefits from them.


Delta jackpot has, since 2002, become a popular horse racing game involving thoroughbred horses. Initially, the jackpot purse was $50,000. However, over the years, the delta jackpot has increased its winning amount to 1 million US dollars. Due to climatic factors, the jackpot is sometimes canceled. In 2005 and 2007, it was called off due to hurricane Rita and Hurricane Harvey respectively. In 2007, Tarf War and Z Humor both astonishingly won the race at the exact same time. In such a case, the jackpot of 800,000 US dollars was split between the two winners.

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