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The truthfulness of working finance systems is upheld by financial regulators who obligate institutions to follow a set of standards of operation. The regulating authorities may be private bodies or the governments themselves. However, most of them are governments’ central banks i.e. Federal Bank (US), Bank of England(UK). They aim to create confidence in markets and decreasing finance-related crimes. This can be achieved by drafting and implementation of strict penalties on non-compliant individuals. Consumers are also not left hanging dry as regulators make sure that consumer rights are maintained at all times. Finally, well-structured financial regulations guarantee a stable financial environment for all businesses.


Financial success can be influenced by a number of factors, In the first place, it is influenced by the people surrounding you. Bad peer influence will surely lead to economic demise as most of your cash will be spent in making people happy. Create time to be with friends as well as build long-lasting relations with others. Most important is to always recall the name of all the persons you meet. This has psychological benefits since many people are usually impressed when you can actually recall their names. Maintaining a good outlook will always earn yourself bonuses in social life since the first step in knowing someone is how they present themselves.


With only a few years since it began, Powerball jackpot continues to grow with the prize money increasing after every Saturday and Wednesday night draw. On September 2017, the jackpot prize of 133.2 million US dollars was once again won by a ticket sold in Colorado. The red ball number to be matched was 24. the Powerball jackpot is played for only 2 dollars or an additional $1 for the multiplier option. Other than the winners themselves, retailers who sell winning tickets are usually given sales commission.

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