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Entrepreneurship involves development and implementation of new business ideas to meet the market needs. Most entrepreneurs’ business ideas are usually small scale which is later developed over a period of time. Good business skills involve asking for feedback from the customers as well as having the ability to identify a market niche. This helps you to expand your business and increase it’s financial revenue. Implementation of technology into business leads to growth. Proper keeping of credit records aids in reducing financial constrains resulting from poor record keeping. For success in business, an entrepreneur must be ready to take risks so as to survive in any competitive market.


Avoid committing financial errors to be financially at bay with your rich pals. Mistakes when handling cash can lead to monetary loss. Frivolous spending is a mistake committed by many people. The continuous spending on seemingly small objects may not appear an issue, however, on accumulation, you will realise that you’ve spent a fortune. Living a leaner lifestyle will always mitigate you from financial strains and thrust forward your monetary worth. Securing yourself a car loan in most cases has led to tough financial times for lots of people and therefore before deciding on a car, fiscal assessment should be done.


Marching the winning numbers in slot machines could be quite tricky, however, several times the jackpot has been hit in popular casinos for as little as a dollar per spin. The wheel of fortune slot is the most hit jackpot game simply because it’s the most played slot game. In January 2014, approximately 4.5 million dollars were won at the Caesars casino on the wheel slot recording the highest jackpot hit in Las Vegas. Other casinos in which the jackpot has been hit includes Las Vegas, Bellagio, Harrah’s, Excalibur, Aquarius.

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