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Dealing with financial issues has resulted in the need of being cautious in avoiding financial risks. Financial risk involves the uncertainty surrounding the loss of money by investors, corporates or even governments. Examples of financial risks include; equity risk, liquidity risk, currency risk, and credit risk. Credit risk is the inability of someone to clear their debts and it’s the most common risk faced by individuals. Some companies may try to rush the sale or purchase of assets so as to avoid foreseen losses in the market. However, if they can’t successfully manage their assets, they eventually run into a liquidity risk. It’s therefore advisable to weigh in all the aspects of a business before committing to that particular financial activity.


Training yourself on good financial building habits is also a great idea of progress towards being rich. Paying your future self before spending your income should be a form you should consider practising. Borrowing debts far beyond your ability to pay back in any specified period will definitely weigh you down in your attempts to become rich. Creating a budget plan usually comes in handy whenever we go shopping since it instills a discipline that prevents impulse purchase of items. Despite gambling bringing in cash, it should never be considered as a source of income. Frequent reading of financial journals puts you in a position of personal empowerment.


Soccer betting sites also offer lucrative jackpot payouts to gamblers. A set of carefully selected games are wagered on and winners are announced by predicting the outcome of all games. Sportpesa is an example of Africa’s leading sports betting company with mega jackpots starting from a minimum of 1 million US dollars. In 2017, 2 million dollars was finally won after the jackpot accumulated for over 8 months.

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