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Financial institutions are entities that offer fiscal services. The 3 major types include; investment, depository, and contractual institutions. Depository corporations include mortgage companies, banks, credit unions and trust funds companies. They receive deposits from clients and offer loans to those who have achieved certain minimum requirements. The loans are often returned with a percentage of interest in addition to the amount offered. Contractual institutes are pension and insurance firms. They provide compensation on insured items in the event a loss occurs. However, the compensation is issued once a full investigation is undertaken to determine the cause of loss. Examples of investment firms are brokerage firms and underwriters. All these financial firms play key roles to meet your economical needs.


Identify the right motivation to drive you towards your financial success. Some people work for the money, but actually, this should not be the case. Money as a motivational factor will have a higher chance of failure. Its recommended that you are passionate about what you are doing. Improving working skills will definitely move you up the ladder towards top ranks at your workplace. Mentors provide valuable experience on related issues that will surely help you gain financial success.


Spain has the longest reigning lottery game going back to decades. Spanish Christmas lottery continues to be ranked among the lottery games with highest payouts. Annually, the lottery draws are conducted exactly the same way and on the same day each year December 22. Its jackpot draws are popularly known as the El Gardo which is usually the most coveted moment. Its total value averaging £2.4billion is always shared equally among the winning tickets. In 2016, all El Gardo tickets were surprisingly sold in Madrid with each winner taking home approximately £400,000 of the total £2.33million.

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